4 Best Places To Get Your Mithai From This Diwali

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Bangla Sweet House Gole Market 

Their sweets are top-notch, that just seems to spread joy and we can’t, for the life of us, seem to stop eating their Rasgullas

Evergreen Sweet House

They’ve been catering to their customers’ sweet tooth since 1963 and doing a damn good job of it! You should defo give their Rasmalai, Anjeer Barfi, and laddoos a shot!


Khoya is a handcrafted luxury sweets brand that ensures that they use 100% natural and organic ingredients while crafting their Indian traditional sweets to perfection.


One of our favourite sweet shops, Kaleva is sure to sweeten your mood and your taste buds with the most mouth-watering delicacies you’ll lay your hands on.