4 Places Where You Can Buy The Most Delicious Faraal This Diwali!

Panshikar Sweets and Snacks

Panshikar is the king of Diwali faraal when it comes to legacy. From crispy bhajani chaklis to amazing rava ladoos, Panshikar’s faraal will never disappoint.

Medha’s Kitchen

One of the best places in Thane to get your hands on home-made Diwali faraal is Medha’s Kitchen. She has been ruling the roost in Thane since the last 15 years with quality faraal. 

Godbole Stores

If you like spicy faraal over sweet, Godbole stores is the place to be. Their tikhat shev (spicy sev) is an absolute winner along with flaky shankarpali that almost melts in your mouth.

Chanderkar Sweets

Started in 1944, Chandekar Sweets is still going strong when it comes to delicious Diwali faraal and sweets.