4 Things To Do In Yercaud

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1. Visit Yercaud Lake

A well-liked destination in Yercaud is the Yercaud Lake, where you may go boating and enjoy the surrounding scenery. The lake is a wonderful place to relax and unwind because it is surrounded by lush green hills.


2. Adventure Sports

Yercaud is a fantastic location to engage in these exhilarating adventure activities due to its stunning natural landscape. The companies in the region that provide a wide range of packages and activities to accommodate adventurers of all levels.


3. Sightseeing

The top sightseeing places in Yercaud are Killiyur Falls, Lady's Seat, Bear's Cave, Emerald Lake, Yercaud, Pagoda Point, and Shevaroy Hills.


4. Pagoda Point

A lookout with expansive views of the surrounding hills and valleys is called Pagoda Point. Sunrise and sunset are particularly breathtaking times to be there. You can take a stroll or have a picnic in the grounds near the overlook.


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