5 areas to check on your car if you run over a pothole

If you have a small car or one with low ground clearance, it is likely to suffer damage from a pothole. The low-hanging bumpers and siding can suffer cosmetic damage upon impact.

The body

Located along the under carriage, large holes can scratch up the under carriage and this can cause noise and can potentially leak harmful pollution. It could also cause a leaky pipe and let exhaust fumes into your car.


If you suddenly hit a pothole, it can cause various suspension issues like misalignment, damaged shocks, or broken ball joints. If your car is making unusual vibrations, your suspension needs to be checked.


Other than cosmetic damage, potholes can cause wheels to move in ways they aren’t designed to. This can cause bends, chips and cracks.


The most obvious part to check, tyres make direct contact with bad roads. Sidewall bulge, tread separation, and even flats are some of the main damages done by potholes.


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