FASTag Rules 
You Probably didn't know about

FASTag Rules: 5 Important Government Regulations You Must Know


Pay Double if you have Insufficient Balance

If your FASTag is not serviceable due to some damage to the RFID or insufficient balance, you’ll be required to pay double the toll amount.


Pay Double on entering FASTag lane without FASTag

If you enter a FASTag lane without a FASTag, you’ll be liable to pay double the toll amount.


Mandatory for Every Vehicle

FASTag have been made mandatory for every vehicle. So you don’t have that much choice in the matter anymore; else you will need to pay double the toll amount. 


FASTag Mandatory even if not Taking Car on Highway

From April 2020, the government has made FASTag mandatory to acquire third party insurance for your vehicle, making it essential to get a FASTag even if you won’t be taking your car on a highway.


Vehicle Bought before 2017 need to buy FasTag

Most vehicles sold since 2017 come with pre-fitted FASTags. So, if you own an older vehicle, you will have to get FASTag made

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