5 Things To Do In Cherrapunji

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1. River Canyoning

Adventure-seeking people will adore river canyoning. This involves a variety of difficult challenges, including traversing a river, scaling boulders, hiking alongside a river, and more.


2. Boating

Boating in the renowned Dwaki River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You must have noticed the Dwaki River's calm and beautiful waters.


3. Caving

One thing you should do is go caving, and Cherrapunji should be on your list of things to do if you want to do that. This is due to Cherrapunji housing some of India's biggest caves.


4. Ziplining

Mandowk's ziplining is one such ideal package that allows you to enjoy both the thrill of a thrilling ride and the opportunity to take in Mandowk's spectacular natural beauty.


5. Walk On The Living Root Bridges

The live root bridges at Cherrapunji, which are constructed from the intertwined roots of rubber fig trees, are among the most incredible sights there. These are spontaneously occurring bridges and engineering wonders of nature.


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