5 Things To Do In Vizag

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1. Visit the beaches

Beautiful beaches including Rama Krishna Beach, Yarada Beach, and Rushikonda Beach can be found in Vizag. These beaches are wonderful locations to unwind, tan, and swim and provide breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal.


2. Tour of the Submarine Museum

The Submarine Museum, the first of its kind in India, is housed inside the INS Kurusura Submarine, a real (but now decommissioned) Russian submarine. Get a guided tour of a submarine and learn about the daily activities of sailors from retired Navy personnel.


3. Ride A Ropeway To Kailasagiri

Vizag's Kailasagiri Hill Park is a well-liked tourist spot. Its hilltop location provides expansive views of both the city and the Gulf of Bengal. The park offers a number of attractions, such as a toy train, a ropeway, and a huge monument of Shiva and Parvati.


4. Scuba Diving

In Vizag, scuba diving is a well-liked hobby, and a number of operators provide scuba diving experiences for both novice and expert divers. Rushikonda Beach, Navy Island, and Bheemili Beach are some of the top spots in Vizag for scuba diving.


Climb the Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse

The Dolphin's Nose Lighthouse climb is a well-liked pastime in Vizag. Around 14 miles from Vizag, there is a rocky point called The Dolphin's Nose that protrudes into the Bay of Bengal. The lighthouse, which is perched atop the Dolphin's Nose, provides sweeping views of the region.

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