Petrol pump Sealed:
Petrol Scam on Judge

CAR WITH 50 LITER TANK FILLED WITH 57 LITRES OF FUEL: PETROL BUNK SEALEDJudge’s car with 50 liter tank filled with 57 litres of fuel: Petrol bunk sealed

Filled 57 litres fuel in a tank capacity of 50 litres

There have been many incidents of petrol pump scamming motorists in India. While most of the times, the fuel bunks get away with the scamming, at other times, they are called out on videos.

Car Belonged to a high Court Judge

The judge, who was on the rear seat saw the bill and was shocked to see that the fuel attendant has filled 57 litres of fuel.

Petrol Pump Sealed

The judge called the local administration and after an initial inquiry, the administration seated the fuel pump

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