6 Funny Excuses Indians give on getting Challan

Here are the weirdest, funniest and out-of-this-world excuses Indians give on getting Challan


No sir, no...I did not break the red light. It was green when I was driving

Common excuse given when given challan for breaking red light.


Please calculate the average speed, sir, it will be way lower than the speed limit.

Funny Excuse Given by traffic rules violators when given Challan


Oh no…no…no, I was wearing the seatbelt. I just unbuckled it to adjust it.

Most common excuse given when not wearing seat belt 


Okay, sir, I was on the wrong side. But this road was empty.

NO! even if road is empty, driving on the wrong side is not permissible


I was texting to avoid a phone call

Texting while driving is dangerous and can lead to major accidents


People were walking on the road, so I parked on the sidewalk.

One should park their car in a parking slot and not on sidewalk, as it can lead to towing away of your car

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