5 Scenic Costal Routes In India For A Drive

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Puri to Konarak is a small distance, but the mesmerizing scenery of the tree-covered road and wide beaches alongside will kick your photographic instinct.

1. Puri To Konark

Pamban Bridge to Rameshwaram is the second-longest sea bridge in India. It is most famous for its heritage and historical background, where you can see enormous water bodies around you. 

2. Pamban Bridge  to Rameshwaram

On Kolkata to Digha route, you will witness vivid greeneries all around this road. The inviting beaches and adventurous water sports make Digha a significant tourist route in India. 

3. Kolkata to Digha

Mumbai to Goa is the most famous road trip in India. The route has the most exotic beaches, beautiful sceneries and many exciting things to do. 

4. Mumbai to Goa

Chennai to Pondicherry road runs along with the breathtaking landscapes of golden sands, beach rocks, and crystal clear Bay of Bengal. You can witness the spectacular changes of the sun’s reflection on the seawater all day long. 

5. Chennai to Pondicherry