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Abhishek Upmanyu's Car Collection

Toyota Fortuner

The price of the Toyota Fortuner SUV is Rs.31.48 lakhs. The 2.8-liter GD diesel engine in this vehicle has a maximum torque of 450 Nm and a 174.5 horsepower rating. 


Mercedes Benz E-Class

The automobile can provide its owner a fuel efficiency of around 12 kmpl and can achieve a peak speed of 210 KMPH.


Toyota Innova

The Japanese automaker's Innova has been a best-seller due to its comfort and durability in the MPV market. The stand-up comedian is rumoured to own a 2.5-liter diesel-powered Toyota Innova from a previous vintage.


Audi Q3

The Toyota Innova is well-known throughout our country. It has achieved what it set out to do, to the point that people can attest for it.


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