Being a smart driver on hills

Driving through hills can be really tricky at times. Here are some useful tips to make your ride easy and smooth!

Ensure your friends or family are informed about your journey. Don't forget to pack a first-aid kit, a flashlight with spare batteries, extra food and clothing.

Be Ready FoR

Use quick, light taps on the brake pedal to make sure that the brake stay cool. Also, keep an eye on the road signs to know about any approaching steep or hairpin turns.

Brake Carefully

Even a small distraction can cause you to drive in the opposite lane, putting you at risk of a collision. Ensure you stay in your lane.

Stay in your lane

Driving uphill can stress the engine and can cause the powertrain to heat faster. Keep an eye on your car's temperature gauge.

Keep an eye on your car's temperature gauge

Before overtaking, make sure that there is no oncoming traffic as cars in the opposite direction tend to be faster.


Get your car inspected or serviced if needed. Make sure that the brakes, HVAC, windshield wipers, battery, exhaust system and tyres are in optimum state.

Get your car inspected or serviced