MoRTH Fixed Driving Speed For Expressways & All Kinds Of Other Roads

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has fixed the driving speed of vehicles on all kinds of roads, be it a village road or an expressway. 

There are six categories, and where first M1 category has nine seats, excluding the driver’s seat, including all types of cars. The second category includes M1 and M3 category vehicles, having nine or more seats, excluding the driver's seat.

The third is the N category for goods vehicles, where bikes are placed in the fourth category. The quadricycles are put in the fifth category, and three-wheelers in the sixth category. 

M1 Category: The speed limit is 120 kmph on expressways and 100 kmph on four-lane or more than 4-lane roads with dividers. The maximum speed on municipal and other roads is 70 km per hour, which is fixed.

Category 1

N Category: 80 kmph maximum speed on the expressway and roads with four lanes or more with dividers in the middle. However, the speed is limited to 60 km for municipality border areas and other roads. 

Category 2

Motor Cycle: If the motorcycle is allowed on expressways, its speed is limited to 80 km per hour and the same on the road with a divider of four lanes or more. It is 60 km, fixed for municipal roads or other roads. 

Category 3

Category 4

Quadricycle: These vehicles are not allowed on the expressway, but the maximum speed on roads with dividers on four lanes or more is 60 kmph. On municipal and other roads, it is 50 km.

Three Wheelers: Third wheelers are not allowed on expressways. However, the maximum speed is 50 kmph on roads with dividers of four lanes or more; for municipal or other roads, it is also 50 kmph.

Category 5

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