Top 9 Funniest Traffic Challan 

Here is the list of  9 funniest traffic Challan. 
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E-Scooter Owner Issued Challan For No Pollution Certificate

Kerala Police fined an electric scooter owner Rs. 250 for not being able to produce PUCC when demanded by the official. The incident took place on September 6 in Neelanchery, Malappuram, Kerala


Challan for not wearing
helmet in car

Police recieved a complaint from a man who said that he got an e-challan for not wearing a helmet and there was the number of his car on the challan.


Dog Receives Traffic Fine in Germany

The German family shared the picture of their dog behind the driving wheel. The name in the challan was the owner’s but the image was of his dog.


Challan on Driving Without Sufficient Fuel

Mr Syam said he was asked to pay a fine of ₹ 250 for the offence, to which he duly complied. It was only after reaching office that he looked at the challan and found the reason to be 'Driving without sufficient fuel with passengers'


Vegetable vendor wears helmet while pushing his cart to avoid challan

When asked, replies that the police stopped many who were not wearing a helmet. He adds that some even turned around before the checkpoint. To avoid this, he borrowed a helmet from someone to wear while pushing his cart.


Car With 'Papa' Number Plate Fined In Uttarakhand

A car owner has been penalised by the Uttarakhand Police over a registration plate that showed the registration number allotted to it stylised as Hindi word 'Papa'. 


Rs 3,000 Fine For Being Out At Night

The couple was walking home from a birthday cake-cutting event, and were forced to pay ₹ 1,000 through payment app PayTm for 'breaking the law' by walking on the street near their home after 11 pm


Kashmir Resident Fined by Rajasthan Police who never even visited Rajasthan

He also told that he has never gone out of Jammu and Kashmir, it was very shocking for him to get the message.

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