Hidden costs to consider when buying a car

Ex-showroom price is the cost at which the car dealer sells the vehicle to retail customers. It includes things like transportation costs, dealer margins ,excise duty, etc.

Ex-showroom price

If you buy a car on loan that includes financing charges, these are the actual charges for the cost of taking out the loan, based on the interest rate.

Financing charges

You can’t legally drive your car unless it’s registered in your name.Registration charges include a unique registration number, license plates, and required title documents.

Registration charges

This is the amount that you pay the Government for maintaining the roads for you and repairing them if need be.

Lifetime road tax

It is mandatory to have a car insurance in case of any mishap. This includes your monthly insurance premium and interest.

Insurance costs

This is the price you pay the dealer for taking care of your car and getting it from the warehouse to the showroom.

Dealer handling charges

Depending on your needs, these accessories can vary. They could include floor mats, seat covers, mirror locks, car covers, etc.

Standard accessories

It depends on you if you want to buy extended warranty or not. However, it helps you protect your budget and adds to the resale value of your car.

Extended warranty of your car