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Luxury Cars Owned by Sunny Deol 

Mercedes Benz Silver SL 500

A Mercedes Benz Silver SL 500 is owned by Sunny Deol. It is a stylish convertible vehicle as well. The production of this vehicle in India has now ended. This car cost approximately Rs 1.32 crore.


Land Rover Defender

Sunny Deol has a  Land Rover Defender 110 whose price exceeds one crore rupees. A premium lifestyle luxury SUV with opulent interiors and an off-road design is the Land Rover Defender.


Porsche Cayenne 

In Sunny Deol's collection is a Porsche Cayenne as well. It belongs to the class of full-size, sporty SUVs. The 2995 to 3996 cc engine in this car is one of its appealing features. This car is estimated to cost Rs. 1.93 crore.


Audi R8

The Bollywood performer also has an Audi R8. This vehicle, which costs Rs 2.72 crore, is the most expensive in Sunny Deol's collection, according to reports.


Land Rover Autobiography

The Land Rover Autobiography is the only expensive vehicle that stands out from the rest of those parked in Sunny Deol's garage. This enormous vehicle has five seats, a boot capacity of 909 litres and a V6 engine. 


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