Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara:
Most fuel Efficient Car in the segment?

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Strong Hybrid engine

The Grand Vitara’s strong-hybrid powertrain uses an electric motor paired with a 1.5-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine, a generator motor and a small battery pack.

Electric Motor used while driving around City

The electric motor is used while driving at lower RPMs, which makes it a lot more fuel-efficient while driving in city.

Petrol Engine in action while driving on highways

As it moves to the highway, the speed increases and the petrol engine starts doing its duty, which drops the fuel efficiency a little. 

Alto K10 or Grand Vitara
Which is more fuel efficient?

On an average, the Grand Vitara delivers around 23.5kmpl when you cover equal amounts of city and highway kilometres, which is around 4kmpl more than the Alto K10 can offer.

But what about highways?

The Alto inches close to the SUV reducing their difference to under 2kmpl. But when it comes to driving mostly in city traffic, the Grand Vitara pulls ahead once again with a margin of an extra 4kmpl.

But what's the need of hybrid engines?

Emission regulations are getting strict day by day, and due to high petrol prices, we need to switch to an alternate fuel. Hybrid engines being the most fuel-efficient, is the most logical solution.

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