Suzuki Connect

Your Swift is as connected as you are! Download the ‘Suzuki Connect’ app on your iOS orAndroid smartphone, and you can track your Swift in real-time, get safety alerts, monitoryour driving behaviour, and a lot more.

Your Swift’s instrument cluster doesn’t just show you the basics like a tachometer and the speedometer. There’s also a door ajar warning lamp, low fuel warning lamp, headlamp on reminder, gear position indicator, and a lot more, so you’re always kept informed!

Advanced instrument cluster

Getting into the right driving position is of the utmost importance, and your Swift has been designed keeping that in mind. To get to the optimal driving position, not only can your seat be adjusted back and forth, but there’s also height adjustment and adjustable front seat headrests!

Adjustable seats

Highway cruises just got a lot more comfortable thanks to your Swift’s cruise control. All you have to do is select a comfortable cruising speed via the toggle on the steering wheel, and your Swift will maintain that speed — uphill and downhill included! All you have to do is steer!

Cruise Control

Your Swift comes with a key fob that has an additional layer of safety. While the lock button does just that, one tap on the unlock button will give you access to only the driver-side door.The rest of the doors will only unlock once you tap on the unlock button a second time!

Smart key fob