Tackling tyre burst like a pro!

Had your tyre burst but don't know what to do? Here is how you can tackle it like a pro!

Let go of the accelerator gradually

If you take the foot off the accelerator pedal immediately, your car can come to a sudden stop and be thrown away by the momentum.

Keep your vehicle point

If your car is pulling you towards one side, you need to pull the steering in the opposite direction to avoid drifting.

Don’t overdo it

Any attempt at over-correcting the steering wheel can result in a rollover. Without panicking, slowly bring the car to a standstill at a safe spot.

Avoid harsh braking

If you slam your brakes at high speed, your car can lose control, which will add pressure on the tire.

Avoid high-speed

A tyre blowout at 80-90 kmph is far less risky than one at 140-150 kmph. Avoid high speed driving.