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Converting Classic Cars Into Electric Vehicles Is Becoming A Trend

Erickson is one of the small expanding groups of tinkerers, engineers, racers, and entrepreneurs in Denver, transforming cars and trucks into greener and faster electric vehicles.


Erickson, who spent approximately $60,000 on the project, said, “This was my way of taking the car that I like — my favorite body — and then taking the modern technology and performance, and mixing them together.”

According to a survey of 25,000 by a Michigan-based company, about 1% of the people partially or fully converted their vehicles into electric vehicles. The reasons came out to be acceleration and enhanced performance, for a fun and challenging project, and, to fight environmental problems. 

Jonatan Klinger, Vice President of culture for Hagerty, said "Electric vehicles deliver some pretty astonishing performance just by the nature of the mechanics of how they work."


 Ford and General Motors have or are also planning to produce standalone electric "crate" motors marketed to classic vehicle owners. 

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