Used Tesla Cars Prices To Drop Down In 2023

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Tesla used car prices are expected to drop in 2023. It is a good news for car buyers from the affordability concerns. However, it will put stress on the company to produce new cars in the market.

Tesla Y Model prices went extremely high in 2022. The company started earning more money than new Model Y vehicles. 

Tesla Y Models Became The Trend 

According to Reuters, “The average price for a used Tesla in November was $55,754, down 17% from a July peak of $67,297. According to Edmunds data, the overall used car market posted a 4% drop during that period. The used Teslas were in dealer inventory for 50 days on average in November, compared with 38 days for all used cars.”

In September, Jimmy Douglas, the Director of Sales and Delivery Operations at Tesla, said the automaker’s used car business is “as big as some publicly traded used car retailers.“

Considering this, the company is providing huge discounts on its new Y Models, which is one reason why the used Tesla car prices are expected to decrease in 2023.

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