Ways to kill germs in your car

You can remove the dust from the interior of your car with the help of a brush or a blob of slime to reach tricky places.

Remove the dust and mould

You should consider changing the air filter if you notice that the air is not cool enough or if unpleasant air is circulating in the car.

Clean/replace the cabin air filter

Buy disinfectants that are made for disinfecting the interiors and exteriors of a car. You may get these in the form of wipes or gels.

Use car-safe disinfectants

You can clean the seats and other fabrics, first by a vacuum cleaner first to and then with soapy water or an alcohol-based solution.

Clean the entire upholstery

Sunlight is one of the best natural disinfectants. Let your car interiors be exposed to UV rays.

Let sunlight pour in