Weekend Getaways From Gurgaon In Winter

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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, located near Gurgaon, is an excellent weekend getaway. It stands as one of India's most renowned bird sanctuaries, harboring over 250 indigenous bird species and drawing approximately 190 migratory bird species to its low-lying wetlands.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary


Situated along the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Manesar is swiftly emerging as a favored weekend retreat from Gurgaon. Nestled at the base of the Aravalli range, this town offers a captivating fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.



Damdama Lake, a delightful picnic destination, stands as one of the most convenient weekend escapes near Gurgaon. The grandeur of the Aravalli hills provides a breathtaking setting for its serene waters. This destination caters to a diverse range of visitors, including couples, friends, and families.

Damdama Lake


Sohna derives its name from 'Sohan,' signifying gold, alluding to the golden-hued dust that blankets the area. Situated at the base of the Aravalli ranges, its hilly, verdant landscape renders it one of the prime attractions in proximity to Gurgaon.


The Delhi-Jaipur Highway is adorned with remarkable attractions and dining establishments. Among these, the renowned Neemrana Fort Palace stands out as an unquestionable top choice for a weekend escape from Gurgaon. 

Neemrana Fort 

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