What to do & not do when your car engine overheats

An engine usually only overheats when something is wrong with the cooling system and the heat is unable to escape the engine compartment. If you notice faulty radiator fan, a broken water pump, a cooling system leak or a clogged coolant hose, get it checked out immediately.

Why do engines overheat?

1. The engine temperature gauge on your dashboard is spiked up.
(Engine temperature gauge symbols vary, refer to your owner manual.)
2. You see steam coming from under the hood of your car.
3. An unusual burnt oil smell coming from the engine area.

Top 3 signs your engine is overheating

1. Turn the AC off and crank up the heat.
2. Find a safe place to pull over.
3.Add some coolant if you have it in your car.
4. Now try to restart your engine and drive to the closest repair shop.

Things to do when your engine is overheating

1. Don’t keep driving.
2. Don’t open the hood immediately -
it can put you at risk of burning from steam or smoke.
3. Even if it’s better after the coolant, don’t let the issue linger. Visit a mechanic soon.

Things to not do when your engine is overheating